About Me

You're probably asking yourself - Who is this guy? How did I get here? Where's my sandwich? Well, in order of importance - On the counter where you left it, probably by accident, and I'm Jonathan.

Nice to meet you too.

I'm a second grade teacher, father of two, and husband of one. I also do some woodworking. By some woodworking I mean, a dozen or cutting boards, three bookshelves, two stools, two toy chests, and a handful of other things.

However, the next time we meet, I would love to introduce myself as father of two, husband of one, woodworker. Furniture maker. Cabinetmaker, joiner, carpenter even.

When you go to college to teach, you take class after class, read book after book, and listen to lecture after lecture. Then, you get sent into a school for an hour or two a week. Then when you're ready - student teaching. Everything is real except the paycheck.

This is where you've found me. I'm student woodworking.

I've studied.

I've read.

I've listened.

Underhill, Schwarz, Lowe, Rousseau, Tolpin, Krenov, Wearing, Walker, Frid, Hack. I've had the best teachers.

I've built furniture for my home, cutting boards as gifts, and even did a craft fair. Better yet, I almost broke even at a craft fair. Now I'm going to start building with the intention to sell.  And hopefully profit.  And hopefully make a living.

Along the way, I'll have a blog where I'll talk about what I'm working on; whether a piece to sell, business decisions to make, or shop work. I'll list the tools I use and write reviews for them - a little of everything. Old and new, Lie-Nielsen and Lee Valley, shop-made and bought. I'll also discuss different publications that I've read.

I know there are a lot of people who are in my position, and if you choose to follow me, you'll get to see it all. Every tear out, split, crack, and boneheaded decision. I'd love your feedback, criticism, ideas, critiques, or even compliments.

Woodworking can be such a lonely hobby sometimes, let's do this together.