Many animals (including humans) go through a "nesting" period before giving birth.  They clean (make their SO clean), organize (ditto), arrange (yup), paint (you guessed it), build a den, or literally build a nest to get ready for their new offspring. 

I'm wondering if anyone else does this before a new project?

I've got a project in mind right now, I know where to start, I've got the tools and the lumber, but for some reason I can't get started.  

 My friend traded me a beautiful piece of Mahogany (yes I capitalized that on purpose) for a Gramercy bow saw kit.  It's just lying there in my shop.  Ready to go.  I've drawn up some plans.  Rough plans, but I'm much more a "plan as you go" type of woodworker.  I've sharpened some plane irons.  Then I sharpened a few chisels.  I cleaned my workshop, rearranged the floor plan, moved my table saw, pulled my bench out from the wall and oiled it, swept, and hung some curtains.  Now I've got this beautiful bench (okay, it's ugly, but it's mine) and a gorgeous piece of lumber ready to go.

I guess it's time I start pushing...